Modem Funding Opportunity!

Big Picture Vcomms Modem Opportunity

Vcomms Connect pty ltd offer services to meet the network connectivity needs of banks and financial Institutions. Currently Vcomms is offering an opportunity to the public to assist with the funding of their roll out of 4G modems, offering generous returns.

Purchasing Vcomms modems is a great alternative to low bank interest rates, they create cash flow and increase your serviceability. Once you have purchased the modems there are no ongoing costs or overheads. This opportunity is a great way to diversify your portfolio into monthly ongoing cash income.

Vcomms modems are now releasing their new 4G service and are offering you the chance to get involved with this innovative opportunity with the following offer:

  • Purchase new Vcomms 4G devices
  • Earn 12.0% – 15.0% per annum
  • Returns paid monthly
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Generous depreciation benefits
  • 3 year Agreement
  • Vcomms buyback your modems at the end of term

Over 4,000 ATM and bank deposit machines currently depend on Vcomms modems. Get involved with the rapid expansion of their wireless connectivity network and earn generous returns paid monthly. If you are interested in this innovative opportunity, please contact us today.

You purchase these new 4G network communicator modems. These modems allow financial institutions the ability to monitor all their remote devices from a single desktop in real time. Vcomms modem service is faster, more user-friendly and less expensive than most other options available on the market.

Vcomms manages and facilitates the leasing of your modems to various ATM deployers, banks and security companies. These institutions pay a monthly fee to Vcomms for the use of the modems and the connection to their network. Vcomms is responsible for your monthly payments, which it derives from the income earned from the institutions connection to the network. Once you purchase the modems, there are no further expenses to you.


*Please consult your accountant to see if you qualify. All information provided from Vcomms Connect Pty Ltd.